'Skelligs in Golden light'
'Skelligs in Golden light' | oil, 14 x 18 inches | Olivia O'Carra
 'The fisherman'
'The fisherman' | oil, 16 x 24 inches | Olivia O'Carra

Olivia O'Carra

I paint in a traditional manner building up in layers starting with fairly thin paint but gradually adding thicker paint in an impasto fashion with knives, fing...
 'St. Annes Boathouse'
'St. Annes Boathouse' | Oil on board, 12 x 16 inches | Kieran McElhinney
 'Kylemore Abbey'
'Kylemore Abbey' | Oil on canvas, 12 x 24 inches | Kieran McElhinney

Kieran McElhinney

This is a collection of our Birds of Prey. Some were extinct but have been reintroduced and the future is looking bright for these birds which are part of our h...
 'On a Country Lane'
'On a Country Lane' | Oil on canvas, na | Lily O'Rourke
 'Evening Falls Over Carlow Castle'
'Evening Falls Over Carlow Castle' | Oil on Canvas, 50 x 40 cm | Lily O'Rourke

Lily O'Rourke

Member of the Pastel Society of Ireland and also a member of the Barrow Valley Group of Painters, Athy Art Group and Art Bank Bunclody and exhibit with them reg...
 'Doggie Daydreaming'
'Doggie Daydreaming' | Oil on Canvas Panel, 14 x 10 inches | Audrey Hennessy
 'Summer Cocktails'
'Summer Cocktails' | Oil on Canvas Panel, 12 x 10 inches | Audrey Hennessy

Audrey Hennessy

Audrey is a self taught artist based in Dublin and has been drawing since she was a child. She started painting in 1996 and her work focused on the ma...
 'Old Bridge Carrick on Suir'
'Old Bridge Carrick on Suir' | Oils on canvas, 30 X 24 inches | Michaela Back
 'The Masters Voice'
'The Masters Voice' | Acrylics ron canvas, 18 x 24 inches | Michaela Back

Michaela Back

She graduated as an art and design teacher from Crawford college of art in 1992 and is now a full time art teacher in St. Angela's, Ursuline convent in Waterfor...
'untitled' | Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 30 inches | Ciano
'untitled' | Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 30 inches | Ciano


Experimental and Cubism styles, with influences that stem from Picasso, Pollock, Van Gogh and Jean-Michel Basquiat to name a few...
 'Summer Swim'
'Summer Swim' | Oil on canvas, 20 x 18 inches | Philip Doyle
 'Still Life'
'Still Life' | Oil on canvas, 20 x 18 inches | Philip Doyle

Philip Doyle

from Shankill Co Dublin. A self taught Artist, who has worked at Screenprinting....
'Responsibility' | Oil On Canvas, 12 x 10 inches | Siun Morrison Kyle
'Happiness' | Oil On Canvas, 12 x 10 inches | Siun Morrison Kyle

Siun Morrison Kyle

Derry is my home, Ireland is my Nation. I'm content within when I paint and when I paint well. Portraiture is something I will never master completely but there...
 'Calm Evening'
'Calm Evening' | Mixed Media, 31 x 23 cms | Marvin Baldemor
 'Tidy Towns'
'Tidy Towns' | Mixed Media, 31 x 23 cms | Marvin Baldemor

Marvin Baldemor

Local award winning Filipino artist Marvin D. Baldemor has been living in Letterkenny for almost 9 years capturing the local landscape on both canvas...
 'A Road Less Travelled'
'A Road Less Travelled' | Oil on canvas, 23.5 x 16.5 inches | Emma O'Connor-Bray
 'Woodland Walk'
'Woodland Walk' | Acrylic on canvas, 9.5 x 7 inches | Emma O'Connor-Bray

Emma O'Connor-Bray

I am an artist truly inspired by nature and my natural surroundings in rural Ireland. Always doodling and sketching as a youngster my passion grew with me and a...
'Sunset' | Oils, 20 x 16 ins | Paul O'Brien
 'Burrow Beach view'
'Burrow Beach view' | Oils, 20 x 16 ins | Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien

A Dublin based Artist,working mainly in oils Mostly painting seascapes,landscapes,streetscapes and the odd punk or two....
'ABUNDANCE' | ACRYLIC, 76 X 102 CM | Emma Campbell
'TRANQUILITY' | ACRYLIC, 92 X 122 CM | Emma Campbell

Emma Campbell

Inspiration is taken on board from many things, for example, the natural colour and beauty that nature provides, whether it is on our own back door, or a passin...
 'Into The Trees'
'Into The Trees' | Oils on canvas, 30 x 40 inches | Deborah Joyce
 'Where Time Stands Still'
'Where Time Stands Still' | Oils on canvas, 30 x 40 inches | Deborah Joyce

Deborah Joyce

Her work is primarily an unconscious process, translating into pictures what is absorb through life. Deborah’s work has been published in National and Interna...
 'Cooley Turf'
'Cooley Turf' | Oil on Canvas, 50 x 35 cm | Marty Garland
 'Time Gentlemen Please'
'Time Gentlemen Please' | Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 40 cm | Marty Garland

Marty Garland

I generally work from my own photographic sources and occasionally paint en plein air (when its not raining!) ...mediums of choice include Acrylic, Watercolour,...
 'Untitled 1'
'Untitled 1' | Ink Drawing on Giclee Print, Variable | Jean Dunne
 'Untitled 2'
'Untitled 2' | Ink Drawing on Giclee Print, Variable | Jean Dunne

Jean Dunne

Dunne uses subconscious drawings to explore the concept of an alternative reality. Themes present in Dunne's work are the surreal and the subconscious. These da...

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